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Wheel Loader Equipment
CORAZZA produce a complete range of buckets for Earth Moving Machines, for the transportation and handling of all loose materials. Manufactured with an in depth knowledge and utilisation of various types of special wear steel, HARDOX® 450/500 and WELDOX®700 structural steel, these buckets are characterized by their high wear resistance and strength, making them suitable for working any type of terrain.

WLG - General Duty Bucket
The General Duty bucket is suitable for loading, transferring, levelling and light impact activities...
WLH - Heavy Duty Bucket
Suitable to handle material with a density higher than 2t/m3...
WLP - Stock Pile Bucket
Suited to handle loose and light material with a maximum density of 1,8t/m3. Designed with a deep and flat bottom for a more efficient filling...
WLL - Light Materials Bucket
designed to handle material with max density of 1,4t/m3 like coal, compost and grain. Equipped with a deep and flat bottom for greater filling...
WLR - Rock Duty Bucket
Designed for heavy duty rocky conditions and quarry loading application...
WLS - Limestone Bucket
Rock bucket for handling limestone, coal, bauxite and all other slightly abrasive...
WLLO - High Dump HC Bucket
Suited to handle loose and light materials with maximum density of 0,8t/m3 like dry coal, compost and grain...
WLGO - High Dump HD Bucket
Designed to handle material with maximum density of 1,4t/m3.
WLRB - Recycling Bucket
Designed to handle and retain loose and compactable material with maximum density of 1,8t/m3.
WLSM - Sticky Materials Bucket
Designed to handle sticky materials and to work in corrosive conditions.
WLLF - Log Forks
Designed to safely grab and carry logs of different sizes.
WLQ - Wheel Loader Q. C.
Result of the company research to improve work time on work sites...