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Company today
“A solution for all needs” is the mission statement of CORAZZA, a company that has designed, manufactured and sold worldwide earth-moving, quarrying, mining and demolition equipment for over 40 years.
The company is recognised as a market leader thanks to quality, rapid lead times, technical flair, design flexibility and the know-how obtained in conjunction with excellent manufacturing and quality strategies.
CORAZZA has always been at the forefront in the search for and development of product quality, a process based on the use of high-quality materials. CORAZZA was the first Italian company in the sector to be awarded “HARDOX in my Body” certification in November 2003 and in 2010 became part of the “HARDOX WEARPART” circuit.
CORAZZA does not just develop a commercial relationship with customers but rather a partnership in which trust, availability and cooperation are the cornerstones of the company operating philosophy. Innovative solutions, unparalleled lead times, consultancy and specialist technical support throughout the world are now standard features of the CORAZZA service.
Flexibility, availability and technology make CORAZZA one of the leading suppliers of large plant and machinery companies and their dealers.
The products manufactured by CORAZZA are well-known abroad, particularly in northern Europe, a market which absorbs 50% of company production. The remaining 50% is absorbed by the domestic Italian market, countries in South America and the Middle East as well as emerging eastern European and Asian economies.